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Piper have now introduced the CVH camshaft range back to the catalogue please use this link to take you directly to them



New to the Piper range of products is our 4AGE vernier pulley set

Available in all colours

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Spoox Motorsport LTD have been working with Piper Cams for over 20 years.

During this time regular testing in a wide variety of our race engines has proven Piper Cams products to dramatically improve engine performance as well as provide the stability and reliability required to win championships.

The ability to work with us to meet our demanding requirements and the flexibility offered by Piper Cams ensures that not only our own engines return the highest levels of performance but our customers also receive the same level of service.

We have proven time and time again that Piper Cams products are manufactured to the finest tolerances, from the very best materials and therefore provide us with unrivalled engine internals.

We would like to thank Justin and his team for their professionalism and assistance for the past 2 decades.

Thank You

- Darren Spooner - M/D Spoox Motorsport LTD

Piper Camshafts  are a world-class British company. As an accredited race-engine builder of over 25 years experience I give them my highest recommendation for design and manufacture of competition camshafts and valve-train components. They've always offered me accurate and detailed expert advice that has always worked perfectly in practice. That is not easy. Their manufacturing quality is equally superb. I have the complete trust in the whole company, from Technical Director to reception. It is my privilege to know them and represent them and count them among my friends. Piper Camshafts have been a vital part of the success of Guy Croft Racing Engines for over 14 years..

“Camshafts supplied by Piper for our prototype engines have been of exceptional quality. Also very helpful in providing technical advice during the design phase of the parts”

- Worldwide car manufacturer producing in excess of 2.4 million vehicles

"We recently contacted Piper as a new customer with an urgent enquiry. The response was extremely prompt. While quoting a timescale shorter than others, the cams were delivered well ahead of even that, which helped us enormously to progress our engine development".

- Major Motorcycle Company in excess of 350k units/year


“Piper Cams are a great company to work with, we always receive our orders on time and the items are packaged really well to prevent damage. When I have needed an item out of the usual time scales they are quick to jump on the order and try to get it turned around for me as quickly as they can”

Paul Clappison – Senior Buyer – Caterham Cars.